Sherburne County Backroads Returns!

Welcome to Sherburne County Backroads. The name has not changed. In fact, Sherburne County Backroads has been in existence for nearly 10 years with many iterations in between. In the last two years it had been very much neglected but never forgotten. Well.. by me anyway.

While the Facebook Page  and Twitter account have maintained a steady flow of information over that time, the website had become irrelevant and dated. In a world of even faster moving media, it became apparent that a serious retool was needed to make it a place worthy of your time. Here are some of the changes:

  • We have added another writer(and hopefully many more in the near future) to diversify the perspective given from our articles.
  • We have made the site more visual and interactive. It is clean but more visually appealing now.
  • We are focusing our content around areas of our particular interests, food and country living. At least until we get this thing rolling


We hope that Sherburne County Backroads can provide you with a wealth of information, humor, and insight that you can use in your daily life. Thank you for stopping by.