Our Tiny Home Experiment – Chapter 1 : Planning is so VERY Important

While the weather has been a typical February in Central Minnesota(cold and windy), the planning for our spring build tiny home is heating up. Even if the end product only remotely resembles the original plan, the plan itself is a very important cog in the process.

Dreaming about what you want to build is nice and airy, but drawing up a plan will make it real. That is what we have been working on this week. After searching the internet of available floor plans, we have found one that we think we can develop with our own style and needs in mind.

There really isn’t a lot of variation when your size limit is a 7×10 single axle trailer. There is even less if you want a wet bath and toilet. Include a kitchen area and a common great room and then you have to put the bed up top in a loft. That virtually eliminated my dream of a gypsy wagon styled design. Sigh. Oh well, a traditional rafter supported roof will give us more headroom in the loft area anyway. A gambrel roof is still a possibility.

Keeping the gross weight at 4000 pounds so as to not destroy the trailer will keep us mindful of light weight building materials and equipment to outfit the inside.

Some things to consider:

  • Should we invest in a composting toilet? They are pricey but they significantly reduce the requirement for septic access.
  • What material would be ideal for the roof and siding?
  • How much space and expense would it cost to be full solar?
  • Gray water storage from the sink and shower?

Settling on a design will help bring all these options and their respective costs to light. It seems so much easier when someone else gives you directions, but this is much more rewarding. What do you think about the questions raised? Or do you have any other ideas that might help in this planning process? We welcome your input. April/May will be here shortly and that is time for action.



Chad is an organic gardener and raiser of chickens for eggs. He also enjoys such things as writing, baking calorie-laden yummies, building things that satisfy his creative aspirations, and learning as much as he can about the world around him before the end of life's road.

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